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Data Integrity – commentary by Wendi Young

In recent years, data integrity has emerged as a paramount concern among regulators, particularly within laboratory settings. It encapsulates the critical need for robust controls and checks to ensure the authenticity and reliability of data, safeguarding against falsification or manipulation.

Regrettably, instances of CBD testing labs succumbing to bribery for desired results and analysts tampering with data to meet client expectations have tarnished the industry's reputation. It's imperative that stakeholders can trust, at a fundamental level, the integrity of the data they rely upon.

I recall a consultant emphasizing that effective data integrity controls should serve to affirm the absence of fraud. This entails involving multiple stakeholders in data generation or review processes, thereby increasing the complexity of potential collusion and manipulation. Furthermore, meticulous documentation of activities creates multiple checkpoints, making it arduous for fraudsters to alter data without detection.

Additionally, robust software systems with audit trails and stringent access controls are indispensable. Regular review of these audit trails, both internally and by third-party auditors when necessary, helps to uphold data integrity standards and prevent illicit data alterations or result manipulation.

At Triverity Laboratories, we understand the paramount importance of data integrity. We've conducted comprehensive assessments of our laboratory operations to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities to data manipulation. Our stringent controls, outlined in detail in our data integrity procedure (available upon request), underscore our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data integrity.

We embed a culture of data integrity throughout our organization, providing thorough training to all employees upon onboarding and annually thereafter. Each team member is required to sign our data integrity policy, affirming their understanding of and adherence to Triverity Laboratories' zero-tolerance stance on data integrity violations.

Data integrity isn't just an aspiration—it's a non-negotiable standard that we uphold with unwavering dedication.


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