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New CBD Testing Service to Help Manufacturers Achieve Compliance

The launch of CBD testing and compliance specialists Triverity Laboratories promises to bring a new level of rigour and expertise to the process of cannabinoid analysis and reporting. With labs in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Loveland, Colorado, Triverity Laboratories provides a new service which allows CBD manufacturers to receive cannabinoid analyses they can fully trust and test reports they can understand, plus consultancy to help them attain their necessary compliance.

Triverity will operate through a carefully selected global network of laboratories, all of which adhere to its stringent cannabinoid testing standards. This means that Triverity’s customers will be assured of exemplary analytical approaches, verifiable data and clear, intelligible reports. Company president Wendi Young said the launch of the company came after she spent a long time looking for an independent third-party lab and couldn’t find exactly what she wanted.

“As head of regulatory and compliance at Mile High Labs I was continuously looking for a third-party lab that could test our products and those of our customers. While there are good labs out there, I couldn’t find one that meets all of my specific requirements on data integrity and consistency of results. Triverity Laboratories was founded to fill this gap in the industry.”

Wendi added: “Data integrity is the basis of everything we do. It is an integral part of our culture. We believe that data integrity should be a given, and with us it is.” Product analysis is essential to CBD compliance and the process can be ‘hit and miss’, an issue which has cast doubts on the integrity of an industry where consistent data can be elusive. Compliance and regulation are key to the continued success of the CBD sector, but to date most manufacturers have had to flounder alone, trying to make their way through the regulatory maze.

“Our goal is to work in partnership with our customers to design studies that will generate the data they need to meet their goals. We’re also there when the results come through to help customers understand what they mean. So, if there is an unexpected result, we’ll work with them to come up with a remediation plan.”

Currently, companies in the CBD industry in the EU and UK markets must apply for Novel Foods authorisation. There is a lot of confusion around the complex novel foods process in terms of the requirements for the industry. Triverity Laboratories combines scientific knowledge with its experience in drafting CBD Novel Foods applications to guide its customers through the process.

With the global CBD market set to hit $5.3 billion by 2025, Triverity Laboratories has an aggressive growth plan to expand from the UK and US to other regions. To find out more visit or email


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